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2011 OTTF Spring Classic Tournament Champions

Celebration video of all divisions. Enjoy !

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Official site of the 2020 OTTF Spring Classic

Date: April 24h to 26th, 2020

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Online registration is now OPEN for 2020. Register now to hold your teams spot in Toronto's premier spring hockey tournament.

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All schedules, standings and results will be posted online immediately.

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Tournament Information

One stop shop for all tournament information! Rules, regulations, schedules and results!


Tournament Information

Rules and Regulations

1. Registration will take place at Westwood Arena. You are required to register prior to your first game. Keep in mind your roster sheet from game one must list ALL eligible players for the tournament.

2. Gate Fees at all games.

3. Birth Certificates or photocopies must be available for presentation if requested.

4. Each team will be guaranteed 4 games.

5. No protests will be allowed. Tournament officials will consider any logical grievance or suggestion when presented in a professional manner. Protests regarding officiating will not be heard.

6. All players must play in at least 2 round robin games to be eligible to participate in the playoff round. All players must be listed on your first game sheet.

7. A player may not play for more than one team in the same age group.

8. Teams must be ready to go on the ice 15 minutes prior to their scheduled game time. All games will be 12-15-15 minute periods. There will be no overtime in round robin games. There will be a curfew in effect for all round robin games.

9. The OTTF Spring Classic will run time in the third period if a 5 goal differential exists. The score board however will only show a 5 goal differential. Any game with a 10 goal difference is stopped at the discretion of the losing team. This can occur at the end of the first period.

10. Non contact for the 2006 and younger divisions. All other divisions will be body contact.

11. Two points will be awarded for a win, 1 for a tie and 0 for a loss.

12. The following tie breaking formulas will be utilized should teams be tied:

  • 1) head to head (if applicable)
  • 2) most games won
  • 3) goal percentage - add goals for and goals allowed and divide the total into the goals for
  • 4) fewest goals allowed
  • 5) most goals scored
  • 6) fewest penalty minutes
  • 7) coin flip

13. Playoff round ties will be decided with a 5 minute 3 on 3 running clock sudden victory overtime. If still tied then a 3 player sudden victory shootout. If still tied then a sudden victory shootout by single round and in this case the origional 3 players may be used again.

14. No time outs allowed with the exception of one 30 second time out in the Semi-Final and Championship.

15. Any player receiving a major penalty or game suspension shall be suspended for the remainder of that game and shall be subject to further suspension pending review by the game officials and tournament committee.

16. Equipment governed by Hockey Canada rules.

17. No refunds given to any teams that have been accepted.

18. There will be no refunds provided based on tournament schedule.






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